executive council

executive council
a council that shares the supreme executive power
Hypernyms: ↑council

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1. : a council constituted to advise or share in the functions of a political executive: as
a. : a council composed of the principal government officials and sometimes unofficial appointees that is constituted to advise the governor of a British colony

the Governor shall … preside at all meetings of the Executive CouncilRoyal Instructions (Nigeria)

b. : a council in several member nations of the British Commonwealth that resembles the Privy Council in power and function

in New Zealand … the Cabinet and the Executive Council have that same membership — Walter Nash

2. : a council that exercises supreme executive power : a plural executive

in Switzerland … the Executive Council is not based upon a party majority in the representative bodies — C.J.Friedrich

replacing the Uruguayan president with an executive council

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1. a council having the highest executive authority.
2. a council appointed to give advice to the head of a government.
[1770-80, Amer.]

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Executive Council noun
1. A ministerial council headed by the Governor(-General) (Aust and NZ)
2. (without caps) a council with executive power
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Main Entry:execute

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Executive Council,
(in Canada) the cabinet of a provincial government, consisting of the premier and his ministers.

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